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The first of many!!!!

Ive been wanting to write a blog for a long time. Wanna get things off my chest.
Im in the worst sports depression ever. The Rangers got the boot about the same way i did, when tryin to get Jessica Biels phone number… Thanks but no thanks. Go home now. The Cowboys are the epitome of everything thats wrong with America. Its sad and i dont wanna talk about it. The Mavs are gonna be so stressful to watch this year. 9 new players and next year we will have 9 more new ones. Ive been wanting to get into hockey but they are in a lockout and it doesnt look good.

I love music. I love 80’s music. What a wonderful era of music. But i love other genres too. Ive started writing again and playing. Maybe some day i can put it all together and lay down some tracks on this blog for you guys to listen to.

Politics are huge right now. The Election is here. We dont have to agree with each other. But we gotta figure out whats best for us, as a country, and benefits all of us. Go vote!

Ive been thinking lately. I need to settle down. Start a family. Have some more kids. Marry a pretty lady and pray every day she doesnt sleep around on me and give me the clap. I need someone to bring me structure, guidance, and get my damn finances straight. I make entirely too much damn money to never have none. Plus i hate washing clothes and cooking and all that other stuff that women are supposed to do but i have to do because i dont have one. Im currently taking applications. I actually performed my first wedding ceremony the other day. I was nervous. I had a blast. Gorgeous couple who also happen to be great friends.

Not all these blogs will be funny. Not all will be serious. But they will all be me


Blogs Incoming

Get ready for some blogging on this site. Which means what? More stuff! Everybody likes stuff.. Sports and stuff.



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